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 Download AGI software and enter all details of employee then take print and AGI proceedings and periodical increment certificate.

Annual Grade Increment For 50 Members


CHANBADI Employees Annual Grade Increment software for Teachers AGI Procedure, 

Sanction Letter 2020-21: Telangana and AP Teachers Annual Grade Increment (AGI)

 Latest software and teacher Annual grade increment proceedings and procedures. Annual 

periodic increment certificate form for employees. Updated increase form, rules, model 

proceedings, , annual grade increment sanction, download of employee increment software. 

AGI is granted, If an employee completed one year i.e. 12 months of his service Annual 

Grade increments are an incentive given to an employee who has served satisfactorily for a 

period of one year.  An employee may not hold an annual increment unless the charges 

against the employee are pending charge sheet. 

If the drawing officer not signs the increment certificate in APTC Form-49 and attaches it 

to the pay bill, the increment will not be paid to the government employee. 

Employee first annual Increment Will be granted before the end of the month Example: -An 

appointment date 28-08-1999 The employee is the first Increment  Granted on 01-08-2000, 

Increments should not be granted while the employee is on leave. Granted only after joining 


Newly appointees are eligible for salary, who joined on the evening of the last day of the 

month from the first day of the following month. 

The increment date is the month in which the salary is received. If the employee joined in his

 duties on 29th of February, he is also elgible for AGI on 1st February 

Sanction of Increments: 

1.     No increment should be given unless an increment certificate in APTC Form 49 

is enclosed by the drawing officer.  If increments are granted on the assumption of 

satisfactory completion of probation without an order of a competent authority, the 

drawing officer should append a certificate in the increment certificate as prescribed therein 

(Ruling 5(b) under FR 24). 

2.     An increment watch register has been prescribed in G.O.Ms.No.104, Fin. & 

Plg. (F W.A&L) Dept., Dt.08.03.76.

3.     To ensure prompt drawl of increments the drawing officer should verify the 

Service Books of all his subordinates in the month of December of every year and maintain 

a register showing the names of all persons for whom increments are due in each month of 

succeeding year in the APTC Form 106 and if persons are transferred to his office, 

their names should be entered in the relevant pages with reference to their rates of 

increments. (Note 3 under SR 13, TR 16 of APTC Vol. I). 

4.     Passing of an Examination or test confers on a Govt. servant the title to any right,

 benefit or concession, such should be deemed to have accrued on the day following

 the last day of the examination or test which he passed. (Ruling 2 under FR 26(b). 

Drawl of Increment: 

1.     Increment will be drawn from first day of the month in which it is due.  The first 

increment in the case of initial appointment or promotion will be drawn a few days 

in advance of the completion of 12 months (G.O.Ms.No.133, F&P, Dt.13.-5.74 and 

G.O.Ms.No.192, F&P, Dt.01.08.74). 

2.     In arriving at the date of next increment, the periods which do not count for increment

 will be added to the normal date of increment and if that date falls in the middle of the 

month, increment will be drawn from the first day of that month. 

3.     If the employee is on leave on the first day of that month in which it is due, it will be 

drawn from the date of joining duty after leave.

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